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Look instead for unhappiness...

It’s easier because apparently unhappiness is governing your entire existence. instead of looking for truth,  look for lies, look for pain, look for fear, and you’ll see that in trying to find them inside, you’ll realise their total inexistence.

Do not attempt to classify the Dreamer

Any attempt to classify the Dreamer in your useless lineage of gurus, shamans mastery and teachers, comparing His Non-teaching with the literature that deals with esotericism, spirituality, religions and philosophies, will fail. Your ability to move among various doctrines, disciplines, methods or systems like a monkey jumping from one branch to another, not only will...

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You cannot change the past…

If you don’t understand that it is this present which gives form to the past. Whatever you attain in this instant is simultaneously transferred in all directions. If the present is made perfect, everything in your past will be aligned with this perfection. Each event of the past is just a resonance of the vibrations...

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When your vision brightens

When your vision brightens your outer reality can only express the same thing You have to see the whole movement of life, apparently obscure and conflictual, as a marvellous single, unitary process. Religions, ideologies, sciences, arts, businesses, all the revolutions, wars, terrorism and crime, the endless human divisions, disorders and sorrow, seen from above are...

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Self-knowledge is the real Knowledge

The more you are, the more you know. Knowledge cannot be acquired but only projected. Knowledge is an inalienable part of your being. Knowledge is your own being in action. You can submit yourself to every effort and discipline, from the most grueling abstinence to the most impossible fast, only to realize that you can...

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Observe your inner war

If you were aware and totally present, all darkness would dissolve instantly. To keep your own misery alive, you have to feed it with time. Time is its lifeblood. Remove time through the self-awareness and all the difficulties and sufferings that apparently surrounds you, will disappear. It is through a silent but intense battle against...

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Reality is so simultaneous
You can use life
False emotions
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